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Steam P2P?


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A monthly fee to play HL2 on the internet :? Its a bit stupid don't you think since its mostly played online and worse since youre gonna have to pay double if you want a dedicated server(unless you don't hire someone to put it up for you)...... but we can't do anything about it.Sorry for making this out of topic..... sort of
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Well i think that if valve screwed the Multiplayer they are just plain stupid, that is the thing that makes us play HL(in a different version ofcourse) even now, and the game is like 5 years old. And I would say **** valve if they are gona lets us pay fore HL2 MP, i know that a lot of people dont have a creditcard(me fore instance and transferring the cash by bank is probably more expencive than the monthly fee), and hey most parents already complain about to mush gaming, do they really think that they are gona pay fore it? I just hope Valve keeps it free, you do know that by using steam fore HL2 and HL1 they can let us pay fore using Steam to play every future valve game, and even fore playing HL1... Lets pray to the mighty menkey that they dont do something that stupid or i am gona need to organise a LOT of lan parties.
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