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This is the pits!


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for those who are waiting for HL2 to come out better zip ur zippers back up it wont be out till april of 2004 based on an official report at http://www.gamespot.com/ someone done hacked 'em that suks!




P.S. damn that means I am stuck in hl1 for almost another year!

This has already been posted Whitelion.



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AHHHH CRAP! I hadnt even thought about the hacking collateral damage caused by this leak. @$!!!! Now HL2 is gonna be overrun by hackers faster than you can type "OMG h4x". Great, we are going to have another paranoid hack infested monstrosity like that which is CS. In the words of Scott Kurtz of PvP fame: GAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
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Rumour has it they set it back because Steam isn't working like they hoped and they want to concentrate on getting all the wrinkles ironed out of it.


Wouldn't know, I haven't bothered dl'ing Steam yet.

hmmm..ya...good job with the lie buddy

really trying to act like you know something eh?

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I cannot believe that they do not have things backed up.


Come on guys. Think about it.


Near release. This should have not stopped them at all.


I think it is the Steam factor as well as the Multiplayer.


Then there is the NVIDIA problem.


Nvidia has really poor FPS in HL2 compared to ATI. GO HERE....... http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1863


A little money in the back paocket to let Nvidia get its drivers and better cards to market so people do not buy ATI's just for HL2


Makes you wonder.......

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