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Problems with ps_river!


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I have that same problem too whippet. Its a pain that I have to leave TA whenever river is being played. But for me, after this glitch happens on TA, even if I go to another server no matter what map it is it still has all these triangles on it. I have to exit the game and reload it to get the other maps to work properly. Maybe that'll help all you knowledgable guys figure out whats wrong with our computers, and please try to because I want this problem gone very badly.
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Thanks a lot paradigm, it worked for me too.


But I have another question. My vidoe card is configured to d3d as opposed to openGL. Whats the difference and which one is better?

Direct 3D vs OpenGl ?

Best is OpenGl mode : you see the fog, the impact of the bullets on the wall & all things around that you have fired... And most again...

And also most fluide than other graphics mode !

Try it = get it...


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