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My Recomended Models


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My Preferred Models


Combat Knife - Default


Colt Model 1911 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=590&menu=pistols


Beretta 92FS - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=387&menu=pistols


Beretta 93R - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=454&menu=pistols


Colt Anaconda - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=346&menu=pistols


IMI Desert Eagle - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=288&menu=pistols


Remington M870 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=813&menu=shotguns


Saiga 12k 12 guage - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=294&menu=shotguns


H&K MP5A2/MP5SD2 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=457&menu=smg


Sterling L2A3MK4 - Default


BIZON-2 - Default


IMI UZI - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=778&menu=smg


AK-47 - Default


AK-74 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=601&menu=rifles


FA-MAS - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=613&menu=rifles


H&K G3A3 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=663&menu=rifles


H&K G36E - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=417&menu=rifles


M16A2 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=474&menu=rifles


SVD Dragunov - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=403&menu=sniper


SIG SSG-3000 - Default


Barret M82A1 - Default


M-60 - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=816&menu=machine


M249 - Default


M-79 - Default


M81 Claymore - Default


M54 Fragmentation Grenade - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=510&menu=grenades


Concussion Grenade - Default


Steilhand Grenade - http://models.firearmsmod.com/?p=showdetails&id=18&menu=grenades

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