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importante questions


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-Psy4]i think i have see that 2.8 still works with old program but i'm not sure and.. if some one can give a step by step link that's can help me to lol


Well, YES it will be playable without steam...this is what can be read on the mainpage of the FA forums:


"Forums... - Thursday, October 2, 2003


If you haven't already, I suggest you download and install Valve's Steam client. Once you get past the initial install procedure it's a great piece of software. Firearms 2.8 will be configured primarily for use with Steam, although it will still be playable through the old Half-Life launcher and WON systems. If you have problems getting Firearms to work with Steam, read through the instructions Mazor put together here.


- Ben




for your second , here is the link for the full step by step install instructions by mazor:




i hope i could have helped u


KP out

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