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HA :LOL: If u can make one for me, it's very cool.I have one pic with wich i want make a signature but... I don't know, i look for take a cool style for write the [TA]-Psy4I send the pic in this post.So if u can't make somthing with that's it's nothing i have an idea to make a signature with a pic of G36E's bullets, but here i don't find any pic :? Thank you if u can made somethink with that for me ;) If u need something, ask me and i'll help u if i can ;-)Cu Psy




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Hey ss6 I dont know if you can do this but can you have this picture http://www.tsi.com/defense/images/soldiers.jpg with a darker background and then have Destroyers of Life with some other stuff coming from your own mind on it if you do this for me ill give you a shiny penny


btw if you can have that picture u can find another one with a darker background with the same posistioning of the men.

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okay so, Psy4's and UnwantedHeros's sigs got done this weekend (i had a lot more than i thought i had to do this weekend). Now i have got StateCop and Snowcrash sigs to do...ill be able to get them done this week most likely. on a side note, i could use a nice picture identical (or in the same position) to the one in Psy4's sig except with a guy holding a g36. if someone has one, please send it to me or just post it here. thanks. Sharpshooter6
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