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My FPS is horrible since I installed 2.8!!!


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Does anyone know why my FPS took such a nose dive since I installed 2.8??? I used to get 40-60 FPS all the time and now I get 5-20 FPS. I have never had any problems with any other release of FA. I realize that I don't have the best PC in the world but this is absolutely rediculous. I have a 700 Celeron, 196 Ram, and a Voodoo 3 video card. I run in open GL and have never had a problem with low FPS in FA, CS, or DOD. I tryed switching to D3D and it's even worse. I tryed changing from 800x600 to 600X480 and it's still aweful. I can't even play. When I get into a CQ fight with somebody, my frames are so BAD that it's unplayable. I spent about 5 hours last night trying to get the game to work with STEAM. I finally get it working and I can't even play cuz of the crappy FPS. When I load STEAM, it takes for ever for it to come up. It takes for ever to launch a game. I even downloaded the full version of 2.8 and reinstalled Half-Life. This STEAM idea seems like a big mistake to me. I don't understand how I can receive such a severe FPS loss just by going from 2.7 to 2.8. I'm not that thrilled about 2.8 anyway. Why did they take the Steil nades away? Did we really need another machine gun? The night vision goggles are useless. The SMG's seem pretty useless now. The AK-47 is going to be the new whore weapon. Why couldn't they have just fixed some bugs and pretty much left it the same? I'm pretty discusted right now and I think FA is going to lose a lot of players. Not everyone has a new PC with a 2ghz processor and 512 RAM. I considering removing FA from my PC and going back to DOD.
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I get the same problem.Here is a description of my system:----System Summary-------------------------------------- Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 Video Driver : nv4_disp.dll Driver Version : Sound Card : YAMAHA Native DS1 WDM Driver Sound Driver : ds1wdm.sys Driver Version : 5.01.2501.0000 DirectX : DirectX 8.1 Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 1 5.1.2600----System Output--------------------------------------- Computer Name : JAMESCPU Info CPU Count : 1 CPU Type : 548 MHz GenuineIntel Pentium III 6 7 3 RAM : 384 MB Total 218 MB Free Virtual RAM : -2022 MB Total 1876 MB Free Operating System : Windows XP Service Pack 1 5.1.2600 Default Browser : Internet Explorer Version : 6.0.2800.1106 Temp Directory : E:\DOCUME~1\JAMESJ~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\ Size : 96 MB----------------------------------------------------------------Display Info-------------------------------------------- Number of Displays : 1 Current Mode (Primary) : 1024x768 32Primary display device Description : NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 Manufacturer : NVIDIA Video Memory : 64 MB Main Driver : nv4_disp.dll Version : Supported Display Modes | 16 | 256 | 16 bits| 24 bits| 32 bits --------------------------------------------------- 640 x 480| * | * | * | | * 800 x 600| * | * | * | | * 1024x 768| | * | * | | * 1152x 864| | | | | 1280x1024| | | | | 1600x1200| | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------Sound, Video and Game Controllers----------------------- Description : YAMAHA Native DS1 WDM Driver Manufacturer : Yamaha Main Driver : ds1wdm.sys Version : 5.01.2501.0000 Description : Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM) Manufacturer : Creative Technology, Ltd. Main Driver : ctaud2k.sys Version : Description : Gravis GamePad Pro Driver : HID-compliant game controller Version : 5.01.2600.1106 Attached : Yes----------------------------------------------------------------Direct X------------------------------------------------DirectX Info Version : DirectX 8.1DirectDraw Info Version : Certified : Not certifiedDirectSound Info Version : Certified : CertifiedDirectPlay Info Version : 5.00.2134.0001DirectInput Info Version : 5.01.2600.1106----------------------------------------------------------------Drive Information-------------------------------------------CDRom Info----------------------------------------------Drive Letter A Volume Name : Type : Floppy File System : Total Space : 0.00 KB Free Space : 0.00 KBDrive Letter C Volume Name : JDISK 1 Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 9.76 GB Free Space : 3.41 GBDrive Letter D Volume Name : JDISK 2 Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 9.76 GB Free Space : 1.63 GBDrive Letter E Volume Name : JDISK 3 Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 9.76 GB Free Space : 868.91 MBDrive Letter F Volume Name : JDISK 4 Type : Fixed File System : NTFS Total Space : 9.09 GB Free Space : 3.94 GBDrive Letter G Volume Name : JDISK 5 Type : Fixed File System : FAT32 Total Space : 9.76 GB Free Space : 4.18 GBDrive Letter H Volume Name : JDISK 6 Type : Fixed File System : NTFS Total Space : 8.42 GB Free Space : 7.18 GBDrive Letter I Volume Name : CSTRIKE Type : CDRom File System : CDFS Total Space : 440.39 MB Free Space : 0.00 KBDrive Letter J Volume Name : Type : CDRom File System : Total Space : 0.00 KB Free Space : 0.00 KBDrive Letter K Volume Name : Type : Floppy File System : Total Space : 0.00 KB Free Space : 0.00 KBDrive Letter L Volume Name : Type : CDRom File System : Total Space : 0.00 KB Free Space : 0.00 KB----------------------------------------------------------------Monitor Information-------------------------------------Primary monitor Description : COMPAQ MV540 Color Monitor Manufacturer : Microsoft Max. Resolution : 1024,768----------------------------------------------------------------Network Information------------------------------------- Description : NETGEAR FA311 Fast Ethernet Adapter Manufacturer : Netgear Driver : System32\DRIVERS\FA312nd5.sys Bound Protocols TCP/IP IP Address: : IP Mask: : Gateway: : IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol Frame type:Auto IPX Address:00000000----------------------------------------------------------------Input Device Information--------------------------------Mouse Information Description : PS/2 Compatible MouseKeyboard Information Description : IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key)----------------------------------------------------------------Modem Information--------------------------------------- Description : Zoom Internal 56K LT Voice Faxmodem (I have DSL however) Driver : 5.01.2535.00----------------------------------------------------------------OpenGL Information--------------------------------OpenGL Info Version : 5.1------------------------------------------------------------
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Download a little program called Refresh Force. Run it. It will tell you what kind of refresh rates you can get at certain video sizes. Select Apply, and then use the best video setting listed for your FA video mode. You should see an increase in FPS. I use to be capped at 60, but then I ran this, and now I get 100 fps at 800x600 using a GF4MX. :shock:


Here's a link:



It worked for me, but since it's freeware, there are no guarantees.


P.S. This info is prolly located somewhere else, but I'm too lazy to look. Thanks to Mac who posted info on increasing your fps, and Gator who got me to use this program. Give credit where credit is due :wink:

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