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Your cl_dlls/client.dlls differs from the servers.


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Well this happened to me when I was trying to copy my old files over. Here is the best way to do this.....Do a fresh install.....then just move over your map files, config file, and all your custom stuff.BTW you would get this message even if you were not using steam from time to time when you tried to restore your files. Get the full install file for 2.8 the do the above. That will be the easiest and is the most full proof way.
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The moving files method didn't work for me, everytime I tried to open a game it would close the firearms window right after it opened. So I installed firearms 2.8 directly to the half-life folder in steam/steamapps/*email*, and then also in my SIERRA/Half-Life folder. I didn't have to move anything and it worked great.
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Sorry for necroposting, but it's exactly my issue. I've asked for help some of the Senior Stuff (in PMs), but either they didn't read my message or couldn't respond. Let's make it clear: I DON"T BLAME THEM


I got (rather) serious steam problem.




1. My system crashed COMPLETELY yesterday. When I restarted WIN XP (due to high ping on your server) I got the message that one of the sys files is missing and I should start the operation of restoring the system. It didn't work.


2. I got the mirror (is it the right word?) of my C drive from ghost. It was old, though, so I needed to install HL i FA. I followed the instructions put in the topic: MAC's STEAM HELP 2. I could run FA but couldn't join any server. Reason: Your cl_dlls/client.dlls differs from the servers.


3. I couldn't follow the instruction of the topic: STEAM INSTALL TUTORIAL (For Dummies). Reason: broken links.


4. I run the program made by Mazor (see topic: MAZOR's STEAM TUTORIAL (Try here first)). It didn't work.


5. I followed the instructions of the following topics: Your cl_dlls/client.dlls differs from the servers; client.dll; HALFLIFE-Platinum error Fix (my case; it didn't work completely- steam didn't ask me for the CD Key!!!!?); and Born to Die's suggestion put in: STEAM FIXES- ONLY POST HERE WITH FIXES TO PROBLEMS topic. None of those advices help.


6. In the meantime I reinstalled HL (twice). I followed Mac's instructions of MAC's STEAM HELP 2 topic, again. When I reinstalled it for the second time I did install FA 2.8 and then 2.9 (just in case). It didn't work.


7. I remember that Gator's tutorial worked in my case previously, but I can't find it now.


I suppose I don't need to add how many times I cursed during those 6-7 hours.... in all languages I know.... My wife threated that she would permaban me from any computer activity


Could you just repost Gator's tutorial, please? Or do you have any other ideas how to solve this issue?



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