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There are no games in the My Games list.I just got the patch which goes back to the old patch before the buggy one...I tried to join and game and it said the game was unavalible (it said this for all the mods) So I exit Steam, eat supper, come back and there are no games in the My Games list.When i try to join a server (say a CS server) it says:Shared Binaries will use 16mb of disk.Steam will now acquire (download) all of the required contentugh?
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it's the bug of the update, i got it yesterday.I have uninstall steam by the add/remove program menu, after taht remove the steam folder.Then i reinstall Steam, replace my 2.7 folder on it and exec. the FA 2.8 update.U can leave the 2.7 folder and only install the full FA 2.8And after that i have run steam and when it find the connection it take the update and steam still crashed down one more time.2 hours later in a last hope i try to run FA and HO SURPRISE :shock: all is working correctly.Don't ask my what i do in the 2 hours because the answer it's nothing.Again, the truth is out there
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