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OK here goes, i downloaded full steam install and full FA 2.8 (yeah BIG d/ls)i have been trying to reskin FA for some time now but even though i copy the models into the right folders (overwriting any prompts), it doesnt display them in game (keeps the old models) and this is annoying me ALOT :x :x :x :x Also it wont accept any maps that i install (manually, itll take if the server downloads it), sprites or sounds that i want to change, i have tried deleting the file, restartign the PC and then reinstalling the new files to no avail, and even though they are in the folder, the game still d/ls them from the servers.i thought maybe it was steam protecting the files in some way, so i tried to shut down steam, checked the task manager for remaints of steam and in processes there was steam.exe, i endtasked and reskinned, restarted steam to find that it had lost all the games and that it was being really nasty about getting them all back (thats sorted now tho)Tell me, the folder for hte models is still SEIRRA\halflife\firearms\models isnt it?So, you guys have any ideas as to how to get my models back to pukka status? i would really like to know because i have an awsome knife model that i would LOVE to reinstall!
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No No way off track your looking in the place you have to go to your program files first.models folder is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\your@emailaddy\half-life\firearms\modelsmap folder is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\your@emailaddy\half-life\firearms\mapsIf you need anything else ask me
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