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I'm just curious how the ranking works. It's obviously not just a straight kill to death ratio as I'm now ranked 39th and I see alot of peaple with better ratio's than I below me. How am I getting a higher skill ranking? Is it all the time I spend being a medic on certain maps?
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Simply put: Skill points are given for each kill you get. You receive more points for killing somone that has a higher skill point value than you do. Weapons do not alter points at all. And players receive bonuses for doing things such as bombing targets and saving hostages. PsychoStats v1.4 and above have used a formula called The ELO Method. This method of skill calculation takes into account the skill of the killer and victim as described above, but it takes a closer more detailed look.A player begins with a skill of 1000 by default (your stats.cfg can change this). When someone gets killed, the killer and the victim will have their skill rating adjusted. This adjustment depends on two things: the delta (difficulty of the kill) based upon the rankings, and the development coefficient, based upon the amount of kills each person has.The delta is expressed in this formula:Delta = 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 + 10(k-v)/1000 The next step in the equation is to find the development coefficient. This number determines how many points you can at most gain or lose when you die. This coefficient uses a much simpler formula. Everyone's coefficient is initially at 20. After 100 kills, it drops to 15.The killer's rating will increase by the difficulty rating multiplied by his development coefficient. Conversely, the victim's rating will decrease by the difficulty rating times his experience coefficient. Thus, the complete formula is:New Skill = Skill ± K -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 + 10(k-v)/1000 Also, any award shown in the stats listing can be setup by the admin to give bonus points to players. Like having the highest K:D ratio, etc. These extra bonuses are only applied after all the logs are scanned and are flat bonuses. To summarize this, Basically the more kills, destroying of crates, captuing points, and being a medic will help. Im not sure exaclty which one would help the most but I try to be good at everything.
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