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I've only had one good ammobox kill... and it was completly by accident. I tossed a Stielhand over those boxes that shield that ammobox on oneside of the bunker area in Sandblast. I was rewarded with 4 ammobox kills in that instant.Everytime I've tried to do it on purpose tho, hasn't worked. Prolly because I'm usually carrying a Sterling.
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-Scorpio]Heh My Cousin (TheDynamo) always comes up with funny stuff, he said he would too. Too bad with his old comp he can't really play FA, but he's getting a new one.

Yes, my computer is a fossil.. 400 mhz CPU and what-not. It won't run Firearms. So, until I get a new computer (who knows when, but I imagine after the holiday season at latest), I'm just sticking to doing these awesome cartoons.
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