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Download Steam???


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Small file? big file?


Do i need two files or just the one for counterstrike?


I had to restart the download from fileplanet after i was done with my wait in line because my girl friend thought the window was a pop up when she was using the computer and she closed it out


BAH!!!!!!! :evil:

ok, if u download there r several possibilities...


the full Halflife cache (about 700 MB)

the Opposing Force Cache (about 200+MB)

the Richochet Cache (about 200+MB)

the DMC Cache (about 200+MB)

and the Halflife Cache (about 200+MB)


if u want to do it 100% save, download the FULL HALFLIFE CACHE and follow the install instructions u can find here: http://www.fa-thearmory.net/steam.htm, or download only the Halflife Cache (about 200+ MBs not 700+) and install it...


thats what i meant the "Big" and the "small" file


tell your girlfriend NOT to touch those downloading windows...


well, keep her busy while downloading... :roll:


go to the movies...just don´t let her touch the download windows lol



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How much harder was it to make the ricochet version work?I've already got the full steam install downloaded (700 megs) and the cs steam install (379 megs) downloadedHow much harder is it to just use the ricochet installThanks for all the help guys i really appreciate thisI dont know why they just didnt leave steam to be for HL2 that way they can just implement it with the game installer What a pain
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It may be a pain to get Steam set up, but Steam is a very useful program once you get it running properly. Just have some faith, the first stage is very frustrating. There were times when I wanted to get a baseball bat and whack my computer, but I worked through those times. Today I am quite happy with Steam.I would just like to offer you one piece of advice that really helped me a HUGE amount: Give Steam time. Sometimes early on it will take a long time, it may even appear to freeze. Give it half an hour and if nothing has happened by then, you may assume that Steam has frozen. Good luck with getting Steam to work and I hope that you will soon join the growing number of satisfied Steam-ers.
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