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Semi-forced to quit


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After struggling with my gameplay problems and trying all the suggestions put forth by the MANY helpful people here, I am going to stop playing FA until I can get a new computer running. The problems just won't go away, so maybe it is my connection, but I attribute it to the hair-puller called STEAM. Never had these kind of problems before I installed it. I figure since FA isn't officially supported by VALVE, and since I don't have the same problems with any other mods.........I don't know. But I can't play FA like this anymore. :cry: Once I get my new rig going after the the first of the year, I will try again. It really burns me also because I was just allowed to join a group of some of the best fellow gamers around. I hope to see all of you in about a month or two. Happy fragging. :wink:
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