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Steam Skinning - Button Configuration and Positioning (eng)


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Steam Skinning : change the Buttonpositon?


Since [TA]-Psy4 asked some days ago for some Steam Skins,i did some research and finally here is the HOW TO... a pack of 17 Steam Skins are available at the downloads section, too...+a skin i made.For ppl who want to configure their own skins... proceed and have fun


by [TA] - Kingpin


First of all, copy the "grey"-folder, w is located in the Steam/skins directory and rename the copied file to whatever u want (in my example i renamed it to FA-TheArmory --> surprise lol). I called mine for better understanding FA-TheArmory:




Inside the steam\skins\FA-TheArmory folder there should be the following sub-folders and files:












If u can´t find those files inside the "resource"-folder should repeat the steps 1+2 from this tutorial...otherwise preceed hehe


Now, edit a new folder inside the Fa-TheArmory\steam and name it "cached".


Now copy


xyz:\Steam\steam\cached\SteamRootDialog.res into the newly made "cached" folder




Well, finally we can now start doing serious stuff ( :-D). First, start Steam, choose at Settings-Skins your "FA-TheArmory Skin.


CLose and Exit Steam and start it again.


Press Strg+Alt+Shift+B


Following Menu should pop up on the screen (since it is your Skin, it should look a little different hehe)




With pressing the dedicated button (Button of your choice --> for example: Games, Settings etc.) you can move it. Remember the button name u just altered, e.g. Button1, and the coordinates, where the button should take place. (e.g. xpos 8, ypos 30)


Open file SteamRootDialog.res with the texteditor and look for the according value, for the prior mentioned case it would look like:


"Button1" <- Name des Buttons




"ControlName" "Button"


"fieldName" "Button1"


"xpos" "8" <- position relative to x-axis


"ypos" "30" <- position relative to y-axis


"wide" "80" <- width of the Button


"tall" "24" <- height of the Button


"autoResize" "0"


"pinCorner" "0"


"visible" "1" <- Button visible (yes=1/no=0)


"enabled" "1"


"tabPosition" "2"


"labelText" "Games" <- Label on the button


"textAlignment" "west" <- positioning the text on the button (for exampl. west=left)


"dulltext" "0"


"brighttext" "0"


"Command" "Open:Games"


"Default" "0"




Unfortunatly the "save" function does NOT work in the Steameditor, so u have to configure and position the buttons through hard handwork (haha). So keep the values for the moved buttons in mind and write the new values in the "SteamRootDialog.res" at the proper position.


Restart Steam, the only way to activate any changes u made.


The Changeof the Backround Picture:


Open the file FA-TheArmory\resource\valve_logo.tga with a graphics tool (photoshop or else) and customize it...


Unfrotunatly, the picture that is coming out at the end, is bigger than the one before (or smaller, doesn´t matter, u have to work on the settings then) you have to change the settings in the "SteamRootDialog.res" file.


Here the example for u:






"ControlName" "ImagePanel"


"fieldName" "ValveLogo"


"xpos" "2"


"ypos" "30"


"wide" "200" <- pic is 200px wide


"tall" "400" <- pic is 400px heigh


"autoResize" "0"


"pinCorner" "0"


"visible" "1"


"enabled" "1"


"tabPosition" "0"


"image" "resource/valve_logo"


"scaleImage" "0"




To change the size of the Steam-window, u only have to change the according wide/tall-values in the "SteamRootDialog".


Save, and VOILA.. done ... enjoy your own, handmade "Picasso" or the thing kids do at school at science class :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ...


Have fun...


AHHHH, before i forget, to change the color values of the steams windows, i added a Steam customizer in the download section....


Download, unzip, change steamcolor...easy as it is...





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