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Poor Jedis :(


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Well, I guess it's offical now

2 guys on Star Wars Galaxie (the popular Massive Multiplayer Online RPG based in the Star Wars universe) have finally become Jedis.

It is extremly hard to become a Jedi in that game. These two guys, in an interview, say they began attempting to become Jedis the second they were able to (I think a patch or something finally put it in after launch)

There are lots of things you have to do.


1)You must be a certain level

2)You must have a lot of money

3)You must do something like 6 hours (total) of 'fetch' quests where u meet a guy, he tells you he needs something, you travel half way across the world to get it and bring it back to him


and trust me, I'm sure there are alot more painful things you need to do


So, these guys are super uber happy they're Jedis eh...well...Sony shoots em down

Sony Online Entertainment put a big 150,000 dollar BOUNTY on their character's head. The first guy to kill them and show proof to Sony will get the reward...

Well doesn't that suck, they got the entire SWG community on them, even after all that hard work, just because they got Jedi status


Sony says they do this to keep the Jedi population down...

here's some more:


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