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For anyoe interested in D2, NWN, WC3, EQ(2 soon), or D'Seige


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i am a mamber and have been for over a year now, they pretty much want to promote the same things as you guys do here, a nice friendly place to play away from morons and hacks of public gaming life,


we currently have 2 neverwinger nights persistand worlds going, both esceptional, and various other game realms.


i have gathered that some people from here play RPG's and suchlike, so i think it might be worthwile going to have a look.


If you do decide to singup, then we have a large forum (guild tavern on teh left hand side) itll ask you for who recruited you and why,


the why bit i cant help, the who bit tho i am DarkArchon.


if you frequent Diablo2 goto channel guild medieval we have someone sometime on all realms except asia, euro and USeast are the most popular atm!, i will stress that the profanity and behaviour requirements/restrictions are pretty much the same as here as we have people from age 13-60+ playing, tankyou!


cheers guys and girls hope you like this!

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