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Need help If at all possible


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Ok I've installed steam and have been in game and actually playing for like a 2 hr period one day.But I try it now and It will say preparing to load HL to play FA or something like that. It will try loading FA and then it will just boot me back to desktop.Another thing that keeps hapening is I'll finally get in game and then it will just boot me back to the Join Game, Start Game, Options, Server, Friends menu after being in game for just about 2 minutes.I'm gettin pretty frustrated and its really discouraging me to even try and come back so any help would be greatly greatly appreciatedMystik_MDSPS. I have the updated version of CD and STEAM
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I had the same problem on XP.sometimes, it would GPF and then throw me out.confirm CD is at 4.70 first.my issue turned out to be my video card settings.I had to start FA by selecting the server, then cancel the connection.Once in FA, I changed my vid settings to a milder res with openGL.i was running d3d at 1024.i havnt upgraded to directx9 yet, hmmm.... i wonder just a thought. it worked for me.
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