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*Fonzie Voice* EEEEYYYY


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Hey people. I was just checkin in to see how your all doing. Nice to see my Forum ID still works. lol. I'm happy to see you guys are still flowing as a community. It's cool to see that your competing as well. Sorry I've been gone. I doubt that status will really change at all. I'm currently the man of my household, and I havent had much time or will for gaming. When I have had the urge, I've played NS. Even that's gotten dull though. Anyways, I just wanted to say "hi". HI! Keep everything running around here, and keep having fun. Gator... *nod* ... Mac ... *tips yankees hat* ... my former partners in ownage (Ah... the spam-boy days) ... *smirks* ... people who have just recently joined and dont know who I am ... *shrug*Peace out boys. ~Evan
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