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Awesomely fun game


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=|I have been playin this game non-stop on the weekend. (literilly) :p Ive started playin it 3 days ago, and Ive been addicted since, Im playin more than I play FA now. :p lol im addicted. and all to Paradigm. :p *WARNING* This game includes special powers which makes u addicted.Rarr<3 ParaRipper(thx for tha game)
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You people disgust me! Gunbound?! WOW. All I can say is "wow."Waste your time on something better foo's. :roll: Hehe. just kidding. It's an alright game. Definitely not better than FA, but it's ok when you want to play something and not be too serious about it. I only have a wooden hammer. Haven't played it in about a month now...
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