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looking to build my uber PC need some opinons on MOBO


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I'm thinking about a athlon 2800 xp+ with a barton core

an ati 9800 pro 128MB DDR and 1 gig of pc3200 ram with a 120 gig 7200 rpm with I'm thinking about an audigy platinum 2 with 5.1


I'm looking to run at atleast 333 MHZ FSB


I need your opinion on a motherboard













thanks for the help guys

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First off. Forget about the Audigy. Nforce Soundstorm is almost as good in every applicatoin.


Second. Get the fastest RAM you can afford.




Get the lowest Cas rating, (Cas 2.5 Cas 2) of PC-4000, PC-4200 512mb, you can of either of these.


I would go with 512 of the best, fastest anyday unless you are video editing.


Right now the Mobo situation is in a state of flux.


AMD is about to change sockets.


DDR2 is around the corner late next year.


AMD is contimplating going to a FSB of 400 soon. Hence buy the fastest RAM now.


For the money the Abit NF7-S is better than them all IMHO. Overclocks better than any motherboard I have ever owned. Soundstorm onboard, Has every option except FX compatibility as far as I know. I have XP1700 running at 2300mhz 1.8volts. 230fsb x 10 = 2300. I have 512mb of Geil P-3500 running at 2,3,3,6. Right now the XP1800 at Newegg is $52 and I got one running at 2200mhz with the Shuttle on a cheap heatsink. I am sure it can go higher.




The one for $105. Do not be fooled by Neweggs write up. It is AMD 400fsb compatible.




I would get this board, b/c it is inexpensive, till AMD decides what to do. Then upgrade your MOBO in a year or so. Plus it has a gameport.




The one for $60. AN35N 400 Ultra


What I would get to save money is the Shuttle, XP1800, Good heatsink, 512mb good ram.


Total cost around $300 shipped.


As far as the NF7-S. I would get this too. Just add $45 to the $300.


These are my two choices. MOBO for now and later.

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It is a good combo.


Any doubts just get the NF7-S instead. It is only $45 more. http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/products.php?categories=1&model=6


GET THE XP1800 from Newegg OEM. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?catalog=343&DEPA=0&submit=property&mfrcode=0&propertycode=&propertycodevalue=4159,3898


I run the NF7-S and it really rocks. XP1700. thermalright SK900a 92mm, 512mb of Geil 3500


I use the onboard Sound and NIC. the price of the mobo is really reasonable if you look at the cost savings of not buying a sound card and NIC


I have a Shuttle. It is not as fast, Overclocks well, Stable but does not have all the extra stuff like Serial ATA, Soundstorm(it has Realtek).


Make sure you get a good cooler.


I recommend the Thermaright SK900A for the money. Get a 92mm fan and tape off the overhang to increase the airflow over the heatsink. Yes a 92mm fan.

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With the money you save not buying Intel, a soundcard, a nic, and 512mb of extra ram, I would get the best videocard out there. If you want to play HL2 when it comes out. I would say ATI right now. More pipes = better rendering.


So come to think of it I would get the NF7-S.


All prices are shipped


NF7-S = $107 http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=0&submit=Go&description=NF7%2DS


XP1800 = $52 http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?catalog=343&DEPA=0&submit=property&mfrcode=0&propertycode=&propertycodevalue=4159,3898


512mb of GEIL Dual channel pc4200 = $157 http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=0&submit=Go&description=pc%2D4200%2Cgeil


9800 regular =$270 http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?catalog=48&DEPA=0&submit=property&mfrcode=0&propertycodevalue=4884 Overclock it to 9800 Pro level.


$586 So far


Get a 5400 rpm 8mb Harddrive. You will not see the dif between 7200 and 5200. Also you do not need massive amounts of storage space. Get a 80gb hd. When you get low on space THEN buy more.


Case = Find a good clear side panel case that is screwless.


Buy some Color LED fans. Cheaper and just as good as light tubes.


CDROMS. Your choice.


So there you have it.

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