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ham...Some of you may be noticing a tiny bit of my abscence from the servers/forumsWell, it's because I've been crunching my time with games other than Firearms (OMGWTFNO!!!!1!1)You see, I've bene enjoying this fairly fun online game called Gunbound which I discovered on one of these posts (pls pm if you can give me gp/gifts...I need em!!!!). It's an awesome game that really brings me back to the days when I'd get my friends to cram around me for a round of Worms 2....ahh the good ol' days.I've also spilt half my time on a fairly new, retail game called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I just can't get enough of this game, it's just purely awesome :lol:So, my schedule is as follows.5:45am-Wake up6:15am-Do paper route7:15am-Eat lunch7:45am-Go to school3:30pm-get back from school4:00pm-6:00pm-play Star Wars:KOTOR6:00pm-7:00pm-play GunBound/eat supper7:00pm-9:00pm-play a bit more Star Warsso you see, this is really how I've been spending my past 3 days (yes I have it down to a science)So, don't worry. This ISN'T me quitting the clan. Gunbound just has to get boring sometime then I'll head back to Firearms...so, hope to bomb you with my massive artillery moves on Gunbound...and don't worry, my character...Logan Drevnor on KOTOR...is going to the Sith Academy to become EVVVIIILLLLEVVVVIIILLLLSigned:Logan Dre- UnwantedHero
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So for the lates three days you have been waking up, but not falling asleep? Tell me, how is that possible? It is a very interesting concept.j/k Ever play Half-Life Deathmatch? That can be fun! :LOL: It is like a crozz between Quake I and Half-Life. It is preety cool!
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