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Super Mario Brothers Anyone?


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I found the most amazing thing today on the internet. This guy beat Super Mario Brothers in under 11 minutes with no hacks, cheats, etc. The movie is just pure amazing. It's like the biggest thing achieved by man, well other than those guys who went to the moon, but who remembers that anyway? (just kidding-just a joke-im not that of a nerd) Anyways I think you guys should take a look. Heres the link:




The movie is 17.5 megabytes but i think it is well worth it, even if you havent ever played mario. (i never played the original, and it was stunning to watch this for me).


By the way, in another forum I saw a few game nerds debate whether the guy was cheating, and they determined he wasn't by several close-up screenshots, a couple of threads, and many posts. lol :LOL:

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1)He doesn't hack...I have a ROM/Emulator and just tried to remake what he did. It's REALLY hard but with some practice soemone would be able to do itat first I thought it was hacks because he'd bounce off an enemy and fly across the map, but with enough speed this is possible.
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