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SYSTEM SPECS1GHz AMD athalon512 mb ramgeforce FX 5200 128I am having big problems with my fps, all the ingame setings are lowered and fps_max and fps_modem are at 100. Vertical sinc is turned off and my monitor is set for performance. I minimize steam and then close it while playing. Even after all these steps I average about 30 fps compared to my regular 80-100Is there anything i left out...Any help would be much appreciatedThanks, PUNISHER
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Ok this might help you viper kennedy sent me this link that he found



also open task manager while steam is running then go into the processes tab right click on steam go to priority and select low


that might lower your ping a lil and the first link should help you with your fps


hope this helps some


also if your willing you might want to try oc'ing your vid card i doubt you would need it though

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