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Steam.exe Error Message


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Likewise.I can trace the error to the last update. The game ran fine earlier... I took a break, then played some Action Halflife. Before I could play AHL, I had to update. Played fine. Quit and played Mechwarrior 3 for a bit. I cannot get Steam to restart now.What really pisses me off, I deleted the full install of Steam to make room on my Hard Drive just 2 days ago because Steam seemed to have gotten stable on my system.... and I canceled my Fileplanet subscription to save myself a little cash this christmas. GRAHHHHHH!
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I got this from the Steam forums and it seemed to work quite wellclose steam, and verify it is not currently runninggo to your Steam directorymake a copy of clientregistry.blob and place it on your desktopdelete the original in your Steam folder and restart Steamif everything works, delete the copy of clientregistry.blob that is now on your desktop
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