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FA and DOD


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Guys, I have heard about Day of Defeat, and wanted to try it out. Does anyone know how to install DOD, steam, and FA so they all work?I tried but whenever I do DOD, it messes up my steam and HL.EXE file.When I install both DOD and FA, then I can not get HLSW to work (it gives me an error), but I can launch directly from steam okay.If you know of any good threads that explain this, please let me know.ThanksTrout
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DoD has, quite possibly, the best weapon balance I have ever seen in a Halflife Mod. My only complaint gameplay-wise is I feel the M1 Garand needs more tweaking because it doesn't quite get as many one shot kills as it's counterparts the German K98 Mauser and the British Einfield. The Development team explained it had something to do with chestshots registering as armshots, and said they are working on it.But anyway, all guns are capable of one shot kills, just hit the head. As there's no armor, there's no issues of headshots not registering kills.All rifles are very powerful, and will produce many one shot kills, but work best at medium to long ranges. Those Carrying the K98 or Einfield will have a bayonette for close up work, and with the Garand you can stock punch a guy with the butt of your gun.The SMG's are great for the close up work, and work well enough at longer ranges to keep them from being completely useless.I greatly prefer the machine guns in DoD over FA. While, you can fire them while running, the recoil is so horrible, you can't aim worth a dang. If you want any accuracy out of your MG, you HAVE to deploy the bipod. However, most MG's will kill you with one shot, making them vital for holding chokepoints.... nothing a good grenade throw can't fix tho.This game sports the best scoped rifle system I've ever seen. Not only do they sport zero crosshairs when not zoomed and give you scope sway dependent on wiether your prone, crouched, or standing... but they go further to lower your movement to a crawl and give you a "Fade in" time in the scope. Anotherwords, when you zoom, the screen goes completely black then the view fades in. This prevents the "running sniper" trick we see common in other Halflife mods. However, for however tought the rifles are to used, they are counterbalanced by the fact they are even more powerful than the CS AWP.... one shot... anywhere... you are DEAD!Recoil is this game works exactly as recoil should, forcing you to adjust your aim as you try and spray and pray. Keeping your crosshairs on a guy while at full auto on a non-bipoded weapon is hard as hell :lol:The game itself wasn't hard to install. Some of my files in it got corrupted recently and I had to reinstall it. What I did is I deleted the files via the Steam interface, then using Steam, I reinstalled it and it worked fine. Just bring up Steam and hit the [Games] button and you should have the option to go to DoD. Just look up info on the game, and it should give you the option to get it.Anyway, I was thinking we should get our DoD guys, and those who want to learn, together sometime. Make a day, set up a listen server, and go at it :LOL:
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