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I've Got A Problem With Mah Compooper


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Ok heres the lowdown, ya know, downlowAnyhooI just bought a new computer from newegg (so i got only parts) and i put it together. the comp worked for about 1 month before we had a power surge. I had to go buy a new power supply, so i put that in, another week of working, then we lose power. After that mah computer would turn on but i wouldnt get a picture on the screen. I heard from many people that this meant my motherboard was burnt out. So i bought a new motherboard, installed it, still no picture. now im down to the solution that its my processor thats broken. Does anyone agree with my new thought or am i doing something wrong?PLEASE HELP
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well from waht ive read its not the monitor or video card since your tried diffrent onesand its not the motherboard since you tryed different onesthis leaves the cpu as the most likely culprit, and may i suggest a high quality UPS to clamp down the voltage spikes.its entirely posible that the voltage spike went right threw your now dead PSU and killed your cpu with massive over voltage.my condolences...
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