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2004 off to a bad start..sad day in law enforcement


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Two officers were killed in the area I work today after being ambushed by a guy with an assualt rifle. Their are not a lot of details about the shooting but one of the officers left behind 5 children. The nut job that did this called asking for the FBI.


Please remember the families of these officers and the ones who are protecting you every day. Also please pray for our troops and their families.




In other LE related news a grand jury failed to charge a guy for shooting at another officer 10 times striking him 1 time in the arm because he was "scared".





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-Sam.Gen.]Sorry to hear that StateCop. Was this nut aprehended?

Yes he went out into the street and layed down before other officers even got there. He didnt have the balls to take on officers face to face. He had to shoot them as they got out of the car. Hell I would have even settled for him locking himself in the house! I sorry but I cant use the language here that describes this like it should be.
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I am sick to death of hearing about juries and judges letting off the scum of the earth and throwing the book at the cops because of "Excessive Force" blah blah blah wah wah wah. Jeezus, and they wonder why we have so much crime... because we spend more time tying up the hands of our law enforcement then helping them.Damn, I mad!
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well, in the UK (not to sure about the US) the criminal seems to have more rights that the victim, how ****** up is that, i mean comonBoxing day a cop over here (uk) was shot 5 times in the face at pointblank range and another in the face from 10 feet whilst they tried to arrest a nut for speeding,what is this world coming to.
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