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custom models and skinning


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I use custom skins, models, crosshairs, and sounds.


My setup for FA makes it own. Everything sounds good and realistic. i use some models that have visible laser sites that correspond to a red dot crosshair. Believe it or not it does make it easier to hit things up close.


How many of you guys customize FA?


At what point is it cheating?


Why or why shouldn't customization be used?


I think FA would have died long ago if there wasn't the great collection of modelers and skinners that FA has :LOL:


I urge you guys to check out sites like models.firearmsmod.com


Simple model changes keep te game moving in a fun direction.


Also, the models section in the official Firearms Forums has some great models.

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I give Punisher the award for the "Most Simple Poll in Recent Histoy". With the simple poll selections of Yes and No. No other poll in recent time has had such simple selections. Congrats.Voted yes...FA is so much more fun when you have the exact same with a different look. Like poo that looks like a chocolate bar :LOL:
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Rofl, "at what point is it cheating" modding FA becomes cheating when you can see thru walls, prone at full run speed, and jump 20 feet in the air =Dhonestly i dont think modding FA should ever be classed as cheating (so long as its the crosshairs, skins counds etc.) more enhancing the experience, i have downloaded gen. dinko's xmas pack (it rox btw) and i am very very happy with it, its basically everything that i was looking for in one easy to install with regards to teh gp25, m203 and m79, a crosshair gives no advanrage cause of the arced angle of flight, and with the knife its impossible to utalise the crosshair because of the speed at which the battle usuallt occurs.
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Costumized my FA, yes : ammobox to have most cleared, bandages are on a protective bag for anti-contaminations cos the white are old !And sometime, i customize the red & blue from the CAL autorised colo(u)rs and models = fun.But sometime too, some illegals models to see their effects on the screen. :LOL: For cheating, i dont know how to find it and i dont know how to use it cos never fund one for FA ?Only the "impulse 101" but very old and dont works anymore since 2.6 when i begin to play the first time on Gator's server !Egidio.
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