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For those of you who say"They dont exist, just quit whi


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There is a group with proof.




Proven and rumored all there.


You think there isnt massive cheating going on in bf1942 & mods? Go play on some of the 50+ player servers. And read that.


Just a little FYI so you guys dont think im pulling this stuff out of my ass.


There are a couple groups getting together, like C-D groups for BF1942 but they are slow in the process. Rumor there wont be any protection for at least a year.






EDIT: According on the info ive read, there was a built in cheating feature that was remove in 1.45 that people could do alot of these things without a 3rd party proggie. But they are out there. They took out the features but not the code. It just takes a 3rd party prog to "enable" alot of em. Its a sad but good read. Gives you more of an ideia of what to look out for, and what anti-cheating groups to keep an eye and ear out with.

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Not all cheats are server side. I ran across some of them while researching cheats for HL/FA. I remember punkbuster and it used to be a great porgram when it was HL only. I am wondering how it will be for BF. I think C-D is working on a BF version also. I have a great time playing winning or not. I get myself killed most of the time before anyone with a hack has a shot at me anyway....lol
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