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ERROR: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


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Runtime Error!




abnormal program termination

I was just getting this error for when I tried starting up my FA.

I loaded FA up.. then heard my music, then I got this message.


I restarted Steam and tried again with Hostile Intent this time.


Got the same message look-a-like..


What's wrong with this? =/


I want to play!

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No, I fixed it myself just this morning.Yesterday I was fixing my FPS on games. So I dled the NVRefreshTool and fixed my refresh rate on XP because it defaults it on 60. I went up to 90, got a good improvement, so I figured, why not flick it up a bit to 105? So I did, I restarted the comp and thats when I had trouble.I switched it down to 85 where it is steady and doesn't overload the comp.
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