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Firearms models site help


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First, yes, i DO have a backup.... Thank God


Second, everything else works at http://models.firearmsmod.com BUT the weapons? Medvac chopper, knifes, and other stuff is there, but the guns? Strange.


And, on the right side of the site, you CAN download some of the "most downloaded" guns.


One last thing, does anyone know where else to get some firearms models?

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How to use downloaded weapon models? Easy:1: Open C:\Sierra\halflife\firearms\models2: Then, put your downloaded model files in that folder, BUT, make a backup of the orginal weapon that you are going to replace. 3: If the downloaded weapon comes with a sprite or sounds, open the firearms folder and put them in their specific folder like the one called "sprites " and the other, "sounds." 4: Start up firearms, go to a server, try them, if you dont like them, do the process but put back your OLD model files.(If you dont know what a model file is, it ends in .mdl)
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