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Weird Problem with BF1942


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Well, I looked at the readme for BF1942 and it says that I require a sound card. I have integrated sound, so will not having a sound card be a problem? I'm wondering because when I try to run BF1942 it will show the BF1942 logo, go to a black screen and then just return to Windows. It doesn't even show the opening animation (I saw it on someone else's computer).I'm just wondering because if that's the case, then I better look into getting a sound card. :?
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I just changed the "renderer.allowAllRefreshRates" from 0 to 1 and it worked. I read somewhere that fixing refresh rates locked by XP can lead to that problem I had. Because I modified my refresh rate with ReForce, it caused this problem. After I changed the setting, it loaded.Now I have a thing with multiplayer where I load about 75% of the map and it closes to the desktop. I might need more RAM or something. Any suggestions would help, but I'll also be looking around on the the DC and BF1942 forums. Are we using version .5 or .6 on our server?
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