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Firearms 2.9 Updated


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SVD will always own ssg. With marks2 the SVD is 100% accurate even while standing. The SSG can't compete with that if the SVD is in good hands.So are they making the SSG 100% accurate while standing?if so then the SSG has a chance but otherwise it's a lost causeP.S. M82 ownzers, nothin' like poppin knee caps
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12:28 AM 1/10/2004


- Bleed deaths no longer report what weapon they were dealt with (had major problems, still reports the player though)

- Bleed deaths now have a death sprite

- Removed hundreds of unused lines of code, reduced server DLL size by ~10%

- Improved use of memory on server side

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Okay, so sniper rifles don't sway as much anymore.... awesome. I thought I was dreaming when I'd aim for someone and the crosshairs would move on their own.SSG is a great gun if you can get the headshots. Otherwise, SVD is the way to go because you can put more rounds into your target faster.M82 is good if you can snipe a spot proned and podded, but otherwise the recoil on it is -HORRIBLE-. As in, reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally BAD.
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