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For thoose who care :wink: , i have returned to play [FA] again ;) [TA]-EniGma has convinced me to play again, my steam is working properlly again (The reason i quit playing FA for 6 months back) so now it´s time to make up for lost time. So many new things to learn and players. Well.. cya on the battlefield ladies and gents!
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Well i was most active with FA when i played in the [AA] clan, then i got in to an accident and broke my little finger (3 fractures) this was i may i think.. i couldn´t play for over a month then summer time came and as usual i have a break from FA that period.. I made an comeback, left [AA] and joined [seF], had a hard time making a comeback with an little finger not working properlly =(Steam came and the new FA 2,8, steam wouldn´t work properlly, i was playing bad and i became tired after years of FA so i decided to quit fo good..Well FA is like heroine, you just can´t quit playing.. so here i am again asking for secunds =D
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