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Testing my new sig


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Okey M:ET you have 10 seconds 2 remove that avatar or else i have 2 kick your ass on the street. Lets meet at a street race and my eclipse will eat your 200sx for breakfast. HeheSwedish again *Hehe dom hämtade aldrig datorn idag men då kommer dom antagligen imorgon tisdag istället. Ska icq:a dig nu. Tja*
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Rich and rich.. =D


Priority i guess :D I always loved cars, so that´s where my money goes.. I bought it when i worked, now i am an student and only have money for my car in the summertime when i work :D


I you guys would like to see, i have some pictures of my beauty on my homepage



And by the way, EniGmas pimp mobile is under the text "Min 200:a och polarens eclipse" (Old pictures)


EniGma= Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

My car: Nissan 200sx Turbo (S13)


P.s The american version of the 200sx is called 240sx right? Non turbo if im not misstaken D.s

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