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Another Late Night...


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I understand being tired! Oh God.... Most i've stayed up is 48 hours unwillingly! Camping Trip up in Upper Michigan (by the way looks awsome in the summer), anyway, i just went to sleep at 2am and couldn't sleep. Rock was in my back and it was cold being Michigan gets cold at night. Worst of all no blanket and no pillow. Both had been lost by the handlers. To make a long story short, i had to stay up 48hours to get home in Indiana. I didnt hallucinate, so i was glad i didn't. From now on, i'm scard from that experience. =)
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well this isnt that late.. but I once had to do my whole book report in ONE day. yes i was a stupid child last year. We bought the book right after skool (4:10) at Chapters. Started to read the book at 5:00, finished at 9:00, I finished my whole book report at.. 3:00am.
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