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Goodbye TA


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Well the end of me has came. For I can not stand the community in FA any longer. Adios to all those TA members that know who i am. And thanks for all of the help I recieved from you guys especialy from Mac and Gator. I would mentions others but i could be here all day. Adios to all others who i have played with in the Armory.



Here is my post http://forums.firearmsmod.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=63527

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noooooooooo gunho u cant leave. u tought me many things. and those were good times.

Me will miss u a lot. bye bye and was fun.


We get treated like noobs. If that is what we are then all I got to say is I can see why this game is dieing off. You guys dont give the new guy any chances... You guys are like a pack of wolves stalking your prey. And everyone one of you gets to sink your teeth into the victum. Its horrible.



Adios Firearms


Gunho u and ur clan was never treated as n00bs. ur clan was fun to be and play with. we welcomed new players as well.


Well if that is ur decission then i'm happy for u.


Good Bye Grr_Gunho.

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