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SkYnEt's Programming a New Game!


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Now being i love programming 3d games, and i was SO DISSAPOINTED at the Atari Game: Terminator 3:War of the Machines, i'm going to program my own. Don't worry it'll be free.


Some differences about my game, and Atari's nasty work.


1.) Unlike Atari, i will not create my own stupid looking cyborgs.


2.) Unlike Atari, i will not make the game so brutally boring, after 30 minutes you want to stop.


3.) I'm not worried about money, and a deadline to finish it.


4.) I WILL HAVE THE T-800 Model.


Can you believe they didn't even include the original terminators, from the movies in Atari's game?!?! Except the Mini-HK, and T-1.


I've been working on this game for a year now... so don't expect me to quit.


By the way just for fun, here's a poster:



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The T-1 was in the game, along side that mini HK. I remember looking at the Battlefield 2029 mod for BF1942, and being amazed at their T-800 model. They had legal trouble with C2 Pictures, and had to call it quits. Reason for that im suspecting, is T3:WOTM had the same engine as Battlefield, and C2 was scared most people would play their game instead of buying the retail game. Since i'm using my own engine, and keeping my game on the down low, i hope i won't have any trouble.
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