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I've searched a couple different forums for binding, but can't find exactly what I'm lookin for. I even found a French site, but couldn't make enough of it to work. I'm trying to bind my CTRL button (normally crouch) to a locked crouch. Push it, it locks, push it again, it stands. Much like prone works. Also, I'd like to do the same to SHIFT for walking. Any help'd be appreciated.
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-Macgyver]Oh Klif.......

haha! fatty beat me (with, i might add, the same script I would have quoted!
-Laughing_Fat_man]Try this, found it on a CS scripting site..


alias duck_t "duck_on"

alias duck_on "alias duck_t duck_off; +duck"

alias duck_off "alias duck_t duck_on; -duck"

bind "ctrl" "duck_t"

however, this script sometimes sticks. meaning, if you press/release the button too quickly, you may have to press it a couple more times to get it back on track.
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-Mystik_MDS]klif how exactly would you bind a say command

simple enough:

bind x "say EYE YAM SEW WE TODD DID!!!!"


-Mystik_MDS]and also how would i bind bandage and heal to the same button in the same order bandage then heal

erm...? you want to press a button so that it will bandage you, and then press that same button to suture/sulfur you?

there's a couple of problems I see with scripting one button (X) to cycle through the two actions...


A) If you don't need bandaging, you'll have to press X twice to get sulfur.


:) What if you need bandaging, but haven't lost enough HP to necessitate sulfur yet? You'll press X to bandage, then X will be assigned to Sulfur. Next time you get hit, it'll sulfur you instead of bandaging! Or, even worse, the second time you get hit, what if you again need bandaging without sulfur? You can't do it! (unless you have a separate key for bandaging, which goes completely against the idea you've suggested!) !


You might be better off with the "useskill treat" and "useskill bandage" commands, both in your assigned keys option screen.


I think it's a bad idea. However, if you still want it, i'll make it/teach you how.

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