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anyone ever heard of L computers?


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THEY ARE UBER check this out




they are giving away a dual 3.8 gig machine and they also have a 4.0 gig machine :) super uber computer


they have a desktop capable of holding 2 terrabytes of data:P


for all you pron freaks out there


you should also see their monitors TALK ABOUT UBER


4 monitors all hooked together as one :( looks sooo awesome


OMG one of their monitors cost 17,499 dollars US

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Ok, one thing is bad. Dual processor. WoW, you get to processers, BUT what about the BUS speed? Hummmm, let me think...two processers...BUS speed that will reach no where near 2.0ghz (yet :) )...equals slower comp unless you are doing like stated, CG animation, maybe programming, video editing.Other wise they are nice, but dual processer systems aren't all that great. I love to have one, and about $5,000. :(EDIT: Give me about $9000 :( :LOL: :( :D :D:D
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-StateCop][TA]-Me give me that link a month or so ago...we talked about when we won the lottery which ones we were getting.

rember i gave you the link to the site with like 25 monitor setups



i told you to sell drugs and lose the money and give it to me


i havent gotten a check yet :evil:

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