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Okmy servers list right now is overflowing with dead servers (<not responding>) servers that are always empty, and multiple versions of the same serverI'm always cleaning it up by right clicking on a server and clicking "Remove server from Favorites"yet whenever I open it later, all the servers are backhow can I permantly delete these unwanted servers!!!
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or just put the servers that you play on most in your favorites list and then you wont see all the others like me


this is what i'm talking about...

all these servers are clogging up my favorites section...


and I never knew that HLSW was compatible with Steam




I just tried to install HLSW and get it to work (join a server) but there's just to many problems with too few answers.

Whenever I go into settings and connect the thing to my hl.exe (browse)

But then it won't let me play CS.

Whenever I try to join a server, it says I have 2 steams installed on my system and that I'm choosing the older version (which it is not).

I seek out the other steam, delete it, and try again. Steam opens, has to do an update, and basically just reinstalls that other steam file I just deleted.

So whatever, it's not worth the hassle.



Does anyone else know a way to get rid of these unwanted servers in my favorites section?

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