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CAL match Cancelled


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I am not cancelling.


Here is my CAL admin e-mail.


SGossard, Macgyver here.


I am just forewarding this to you as a FYI.


I contacted Gravis b/c he was in my conference.


If he was the wong person to contact. I am sure you will know what to do.








I just got wind of the Moth and weaponX incident.


This is the e-mail I sent to Trize of the DS's.


I await your response.








E-mail below.......






After seeing this I am requesting either more time, confirmation from the CAL admins on how I may procede, or not playing your clan at all.


If you had two cheaters there are probably more.



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Hey Mac, CAL|Bob here,Moth has been removed from CAL and weapon is no longer in D$. At this point you don't have anything to worry about for your current matchup.If you have any further questions, feel free to mail me (robert@caleague.com) or any of the CAL-FA staff listed on the CAL site.Thanks.CAL|Bob~Frost:edit: WeaponX187 was not caught cheating, he was suspended for 2 weeks for having illegal player models.
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