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messing around with x hairs


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ok i'm just messing around with creating x-hairs, which i prbly shouldn't be doing if u've read some of my other posts about how i've messed my comp up while messing around. i have a little program to convert .bmp files to .spr but they have to be 256x256 pixles or less, and 256 colors. im using paint and can't figure out hoy to get 256 colors the program wont load my file because of this. once i get the program to load my x-hair how do i get it to work in the game?????
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The easiest way to edit crosshairs is to first convert FA to use the functional crosshair that comes with 2.8.


go into your sprites/crosshairs/functional folder and copy every file and paste them in the main sprites folder.


Now edit the functional crosshair since it is already set up to replace all the weapons.


A good site to get editing programs is http://www.ticclan.com/tutorials/crosshairs-sprites.html


It has a crosshair pack that contains the required programs and info on how to edit crosshairs.

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