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another stupid version-question


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i just loaded the demo oda battlefield.....i really like it....


now i want to know a few things:




whats the difference between


1.Battlefield 1942


2.Battlefield 1942 - Secret Weapons of WW2


3.Battlefield 1942 - The Road to Rome






which one do i need?




1. is Desert Combat (like fa) free?


2. are the servers free too?




do you want someone that stupid in your game?







is the german version somehow cut (like the german HL) or is it playable?




do you have to use gamespy thing with it?




thx :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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question #1 secrets of war and road to rome are just add ons (or modifications) for BF1942question #2 you just need BF1942 but you will need to the updates for it free from there sitequestion #3 desert combat is a free download and there are free servers to play on as a client like Firearmsquestion #4 I dont know about other servers but the Armory welcomes all till they break the major rules ;)hope this helps go figure I rarely play DC out of choice and lack of a good enough machine Don't forget to visit our FA server :)
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oi!!aye thx......thats some positive points for my desicion to buy bf....just need to know bout the other questions....then ill get it right away....does anyone know bout german versions?(im based in swizerland but am german so i can buy in both countrys.....tho im in french part and dont wanna use french version for i dont speak a word of french....)thx for invitin me to TA server....i just know TA is the best fa server ;-)congratz!
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