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Console Command List/Index ?


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heres a short list you can start with :D +attack none Fires primary weapon. all +attack2 none Alternate fire for primary weapon in HL. all +back none Move player backward. all +camdistance none Move chase cam away from player if thirdperson is active. all +camin none Move chase cam forward only works if thirdperson is active. all +cammousemove none Lets mouse motion control chase cam while command is held down if thirdperson is active. all +camout none Move chase cam back and away if thirdperson is active. all +campitchdown none Aim chase cam down if thirdperson is active. all +campitchup none Aim chase cam upward if thirdperson is active. all +camyawleft none Tilt chase cam to the left if thirdperson is active. all +camyawright none Tilt chase cam to the right if thirdperson is active. all +commandmenu none Open the command menu. all +duck none Duck or crouch. all +forward none Move player forward. all +graph none Show last active or default net_graph connection stats. all +jlook none Enable joystick look. all +jump none Make player jump. all +klook none Enable keyboard look. all +left none Rotate player left. all +lookdown none Look down. all +lookup none Look up. all +mlook none Enable mouse look. all +movedown none Move player down (swim, fly, climb). all +moveleft none Strafe left. all +moveright none Strafe right. all +moveup none Move player up (swim, fly, climb). all +reload none Reload primary weapon. all +right none Rotate player right. all +score none Show player scoreboard (if applicable). all +showscores none Show pings, scores for all players on server (if applicable). all +speed none Player walks forward if autorun is enabled, otherwise player runs forward. all +strafe none Strafe modifier: direction keys strafe if this command is held down. all +use none Use item/objects (switch, scientist, etc). all centerview none Centers player view all escape none Same function as ESC key. all force_centerview none Forces centered player view. all fov 90 Sets player field of vision: use smaller numbers to zoom in, larger to zoom out. Range is 1-179. all hideconsole none Hide the console. all impulse 100 Special variables/actions performed dependent on argument. "impulse 100" enables flashlight. all invnext none Select next item in inventory. all invprev 0 Select previous item in inventory. all kill none Commit suicide. all messagemode none Shows prompt for message to send to all players connected to the server. all messagemode2 none Shows prompt for message to send to your team only. all pause none Pause game. all slot1 none Select weapon/menu group/item 1. all slot10 none Select weapon/menu group/item 10. all slot2 none Select weapon/menu group/item 2. all slot3 none Select weapon/menu group/item 3. all slot4 none Select weapon/menu group/item 4. all slot5 none Select weapon/menu group/item 5. all slot6 none Select weapon/menu group/item 6. all slot7 none Select weapon/menu group/item 7. all slot8 none Select weapon/menu group/item 8. all slot9 none Select weapon/menu group/item 9. all spectator 0 Enter spectator mode if applicable. all tell [playername] "message" Send message to console of given player. Other player must have developer set to 1 or console open to see it. all togglebrowser none Toggle default web browser. all toggleconsole none Toggle console. all violence_ablood 1 Enables blood decals. all violence_agibs 1 Enables gib models (when enemy blows up). all violence_hblood 1 Enables more blood. all violence_hgibs 1 Enables more gibs. Hooray! Turning any of the violence settings off will increase performance a little. all
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