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Scope these babies out!!


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Hi all, I finally got off my rear and packaged up some more of my scopes so ppl can use them. I sent them to Gator to add to the downloads section, but wanted to post them here for you to grab if you wanted them.Here is my shotgun scope... it approx's the spread of the shotgun blast for you... works at any range. the nice puce color makes sure it stands out, even with night-vision on... I had a copy in yellow, but it faded out when I had NV.Also here, is my M79 scope... I know that spammage will increase because of it, but I thought this was good work... its in yellow and shows up very nicely... helpful for picking off those helmet cammers from a safe location.Unzip into your firearms\sprites dir...Hope you all enjoy them.B-Cell
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