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Ventrillo DC Binds for dummies.


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For all of those who want to use the seperate channels and dont have a clue how and dont want to hit and miss to find out here you go.First. Put in a name for the bindings you are going to save.Now step by step:1. At the "Bindings" pulldown menu click the ->.2. On the bind pulldown menu select the function to switch channel.3. in the box to select a key click on it and press a key you want to change you to the Coalition.4. In the function info box put: "Desert Combat/Coalition Forces" Just like that but without the quotes and click add.5. Next select the key you want to switch you to oposition.6. Do the same as in #2-4 but put: "Desert Combat/Opposition Forces" Just like that but without the quotes and click add.7. Select a key you want to return you too the lobby.8. In that function box put: "Parent" Just like that but without the quotes.Now you can use those 3 binded keys to change channels just by pressing them. Know this tho. To return to the lobby you will have to hit your Parent key twice.That should do it. Now when you connect to ventrillo select the name of the bindings you saved.-Me
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