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People that ask about security and logging.


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Well I have talk to several of you guys who are concerned about computer security and lag cause by people trying to get in your system. I talked to Godshand and some others about this some have routers some do not. First I HIGHLY suggest a router! If you still do not have a router you NEED to get a software firewall. I like Zone Alarm which has a free version if you do not want to pay for the Pro version. If you are like me and want to see who is trying to get in your system and taking the fight to them I have found some great software. BTW all of the services are free.


www.mynetwatchman.com is a free service that analyzes your logs either from a router or from a software firewall. If you create a free account with them you can choose to allow them to contact the offending hackers ISP or the person who is bombarding you with viruses. So basically if they are trying to hack you, and poof, no more internet service! If they have a virus the ISP usually just contacts them and lets them know to take care of it. Since there are so many different routers and firewalls I am just going to put directions for the linksys router people and Zone Alarm firewall users. If you have something different you if look over the web page and some of the other links below you can figure it out if not let me know and I will try to help.


Here are some good information sites:




www.wallwatcher.com ( an outstanding logger for people with a linksys router to parse the logs )



mynetwatchman support the following logging:

BlackICE Defender

Dlink DI-704

Linksys Router (Logging to Kiwi or WallWatcher)

Microsoft XP ICF

Netgear Cable/DSL Router

Sonic Wall (logging to Kiwi)

SMC Barricade

Zone Alarm



How to get started:


Go to mynetwatchman.com create and account with your real email address that you check and download their log uploader.


Here is how configure your mynetwatchman software with the type of logging you have.




If you are using a linksys router like I am you need to download WallWatcher and install it then configure your Mynetwatchman to read the logs it generates if you have questions on how to do this you can find detailed instructions at http://www.mynetwatchman.com/setup-linksys-ww.asp


I know this is not the best how to I have ever done but it should give you a rough idea how to do this stuff. It took me a little time to figure out this stuff but after you get it all installed it runs flawlessly and can run in the background when you play without any problems.


If you need help just post what you have gotten so far and what you need help with.

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