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Automotively inclined ppl please help me


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Ok, I was recently inspired by a raktron.com turbocharged PC case project to do a feasibility test on me doing something of the same thing. The only thing is, the raktron one is more for show that anythingwhile the one I would like to LOOK into building would be somewhat functional. As so far everything is looking pretty feasible and actually pretty inexpensive as well (thank you ebay). Theonly real problem has been the issue of cooling. Since the PC generatesno air exhaust of any measurable size (unless I pressurized it, or would that even work?), Im going to use an electric motor to drive the compressor turbine at high RPM. I dont think i will be able run the turboat automotive speeds one way or another so I think heat wont be as big an issue as it is on a car turbohere are my questions:a) Could I pressurize the case in such a way that it would generate an equally pressurized exhaust strong enough to drive the turbine at usable levels:arrow: If A could be done, would it be possible to get the turbine moving with an electric motor and than cut it off once the exhaust gets going?c) How and where would I find the air or water cooling necessary? Would a computer water cooler work considering that the turbo wouldnt even be going 100000rpm (yes, 100000)d) is there anything else I am overlooking?
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Ive thought of that but Im going for the cool thing here. This system will soon become my sandbox as I get my college rig, and I think building in a turbocharger would be really freaking awesome. Heck If i can get my questions answered I might put in a duel turbocharger system considering how cheap i have found them (40-50 bucks tops on some old Garetts)BTW, ignore question B, I just realized it violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics, whoops!I really need the cooling issue resolved before i can proceed thoughoh yah, does anyone know where to get new or used electric motors? preferably high RPM ones that arent too expensive
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-Flak Magnet]The funny thing is I got an A in physics this semester

I can guarantee, that You (and most people here) would pass the Quantum Physics 1st Semester egzam, that i had. With banners waiving.


Oh, yeah concerning Your questions... I kinda didnt read it throughoutly, but from what i gather, i can answer question D :


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cooling the turbo isnt an issue, considering that a turbo takes exhaust gasses straight from the manifold which can reach +/- 800degC (1630decF) i dont think you using it as an air pump is too much or a problem, although the bearings need to be kept cool, water cooling from the engine keeps it around 200degf (85degC)...


usual running speed for most garret turbos varies between 35000 and 105000 RPM. so you are looking at a FAST motor or alot of gearing.


YOU ARE OVERLOOKING ONE HUGE THING ABOUT THE TURBOS there are no mechanical attachments to the turbo, it is all done off of exhause fumes, ie it is one enclosed block with a pin thru the turbine and 2 bearings at either end holding it in place (if i could draw what i mean i would).............there will be no-where to put the drive shaft onto. you will have to pump air into the manifold to get the turbo to spin and pump air into the case.


have you thought of electricity bills? an electric motor like that would suck up power like a hoover, you are looking at at least 5kw to get something that fast running. ALSO some pretty expensive engineering to get the motor-turbo coupling done (ie you would have to rebuild the turbo)


if you want a high speed air pump, you should be looking at a supercharger not a turbo, as these are actually driven off the engine, (hence suffer no speedup lag, and the system is less likely to overheat) and you would have somewhere to attach the drive motor. (unless of course you are gonna run your truck tailpipe up to the case and run your truck to spin the turbo =P


what garret turbo do you have??, even tho this is now a redundant question.


i have a big book o specs for alot of garret turbos, i am sure that i could also get you an airflow at certain RPMs (in lbs/min)


(Question a and B) impossible, perpetual motion is not ever going to be created except in a gravityless vacuum, there are too many factors slowing the turbo down (er friction, you passed a physics exam???), what you are suggesting is, once the turbo is up and running, turning off the thing that got it running and let it power itself forever, might work for all of er, say 3 seconds before it grinds to a halt..

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hey shotty, thanks for the info, it will help a lot. LOL, look at one of my posts on this thread, i caught my little law of thermodynamics violation as well B) Im basing my idea off what some guy did at raktron.com. He used what looks like a garret and he does indeed have some sort of drive shaft attached, not sure how. I looked at superchargers but i couldnt figure out what they were and how to rig them (didnt find any cheap ones on ebay either, though i didnt check to hard).
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